Some of Our Favorites


Murgh Tandoori 

The Original Tandoor Grilled Chicken I MMD Signature

Chutney Paneer Tikka

Cottage Cheese, Mint Chutney I Grilled

Burrah Kebab

Mustard Flavored Lamb Chops I Grilled

Ajwaini Macchi Tikka

Mustard, Carom Flavored SeaBass Tikka I Grilled


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Daal Makhani

Slow-Cooked Black Lentils I MMD Signature

Murgh Makhani

The Original Butter Chicken I MMD Signature

MMD Signature Masala

Crab, Chicken or Shrimp Masala I MMD Signature

Gosht Biryani

Goat Meat Pilaf I Slow-Cooked