Moti Mahal Delux dates back to the early 20th century when the city of Peshawar was introduced to the culinary delicacy of ‘Tandoori’ (clay oven) chicken. Years of perseverance and hard work later developed to what the modern world today knows as the Moti Mahal Delux restaurants. The vision and foresight of the promoters and founder of the brand Moti Mahal Delux, Mr. Kohli, led the group to open their first fine dining restaurant in urban and posh South Delhi in 1975.

Moti Mahal Delux slowly became a must visit for world leaders and tourists. Several decades of history and numerous restaurants in the Indian subcontinent and overseas makes Moti Mahal Delux one of the most admired and renowned Mughlai food destinations in the world. In July 2012, amidst much anticipation, Moti Mahal Delux was introduced to the West by Gaurav Anand (also owner of Bhatti Indian Grill in Midtown and Awadh on the Upper West Side) with the opening of this upscale restaurant in the heart of New York City.

The signature dish, “Butter Chicken”, has come to be known as one of the most renowned dishes in the world. “Tandoori Chicken”, "the most eye opening item to come out of the oven"  (New York Times, December 2012) and the legacy of the Moti Mahal restaurant chain, is prepared in the classic clay “tandoor” which dates back to the early 1920’s. “Dal Makhani”, or more commonly known as “Kaali Daal”, is "deeply, truly luxurious" and here at Moti Mahal Delux, can make you go "wobbly with happiness".  It is prepared slowly on low heat and blended with butter.

This sophisticated and upscale restaurant with a "comfortable modern dining room" and "attentive and courteous" service marks the entry of this culinary giant in the U.S.A, offering a one of a kind Mughlai fine dining experience.